Instructional Opportunities

We are actively hiring for the following positions for the 2019-2020 School Year and would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about your qualifications and experiences:  

Elementary SCHOOL: 

ENL Teacher

Middle School:

While VOICE is not actively hiring for the following positions, we are accepting applications for:

3rd-5th Grade Teacher
3rd-5th Grade ICT Teacher
Elementary Intervention Teacher/SETSS Teacher
Elementary Music Teacher
Elementary Physical Education Teacher
Elementary Science Teacher
Kindergarten-2nd Grade Teacher
Middle School Art Teacher (6-8)
Middle School ELA Teacher (6-8)
Middle School Social Studies Teacher (6-8)
Middle School Intervention/ SETSS Teacher (6-8)
Middle School ICT Teacher (6-8)
Middle School Physical Education Teacher (6-8)
Social Worker
Technology Teacher

If you’re interested in applying for a position that is not currently listed or if you’re unavailable this upcoming school year but may available during future school years, please reach out to us at -- timing shouldn't ruin a great match!